Friday, October 7, 2011

Introducing - The Whispering Greens

Growing up in the hill region of North east India, I heard the whispers of healing greens all around me. From the front door of  our house  to sprawling garden, from the ghats of our pond to the arch over our main gate, they were everywhere - the herbs, the edible flowers and the big trees with so much healing properties.

As I grew up and moved from place to place, the whispers have been my constant companions, helping me spot them elsewhere. I walk with my eyes on the ground, looking for these healing greens.  From the Nandadevi National Park on the Himalayas to the abandoned mines of Jharkhand,  from the rain forests of  Assam to the sandy roads of Goa, I have found them everywhere.

The whispers have beckoned me all the way to Tibet where I found some the rarest of the greens. Of late, I have started to grow them wherever I live. This is my blog where I  will share with you the stories of this amazing bounty of nature - the healing greens.

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