Sunday, October 9, 2011

Vegetarian? Here's A 'Bird' You Can Eat!

Everyone knows a hummingbird. But have you ever seen a hummingbird flower? You did? Great! Now, have you ever tried eating one? There! Gotcha!

Hummingbird or 'Bok' - one of the tastiest flowers ever! Photo credit:

The hummingbird flower is one of the tastiest flowers ever! In fact its been over 3 years since I ate my last, but I can still feel the taste!  

Before you eat a hummingbird,remember 2 things: 1) A fully grown, about -to-bloom bud will taste better than one on full bloom. 2) Dig your fingers inside the flower and remove the thin, green stalk that you find in between the petal. That is a bitter, inedible part.

If you like your food in its original flavor, like I do, then chop the flowers in small or medium pieces and just saute with a pinch of salt and turmeric, if you will. That's it!

But if you want a more exotic dish, then get a handful of rava (semolina) powder. Make a thin paste with water, dip the flower and dip fry in oil. You can eat it as a snack or as a side dish at lunch/dinner.

The hummingbird grows all year through and you can eat it anytime! And when you do that, no real birds will be hurt :)


  1. What an eye-opener! I still haven't tasted the banana flower subzi ur mom makes..missed it in Goa...I guess only people who have lived in NE can come up wid such exotic food options considering u get so much we have nothin except the usual alu, brinjal, beans, carrot :(

  2. Thanks. Yes, these dishes are more popular in areas where people live closer to the nature. But some are available almost everywhere. For example, the Rose Balsam (A mouthful of colors)is a very common flower, though most people are unaware of its edible quality. I will be happy to cook some for you one day!

  3. yes, pls do..can't glad u have switched to green writing in every way..this for one, is the most useful coz hardly ppl know this and still consider it a wonder when they read flowers are edible too..keep up the good work

  4. Thank you so much dear. Your encouraging words are much appreciated!