Monday, October 10, 2011

Fern - Food For A Smile!

Ferns are in demand as a home decor. But if you cook the right one, it can also bring a big smile on your face. The aroma and the taste is so wonderful, I call it my happy dish - one that always lifts up my sagging spirit!.

Edible Fern, popularly known as 'Dheki' or 'Akoor'

Fern is quite popular in the North east India. The variety that we find there - quite in abandon - is the Pako/fiddlehead fern. But in Goa also, I have been lucky to find it, though only in monsoon. The variety is the swamp fern, and goes with the local name of 'akoor'. Sadly, many people, locals included, don't seem to know how to eat it :(

Cooking the fern is simple: chop them into tiny pieces. Chop some garlic cloves and fry them a spoonful of oil, add the fern now and fry until it goes tender. You can, also use cumin seeds for the seasoning, but its garlic that really brings out the flavor of the fern. Remember, you must wash the fern thoroughly before cutting. Because, once cut, a slippery substance starts to ooze out, making it difficult to wash it later. 

Want to get over your Monday blues? Try this happy dish! 

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  1. Hai Stella I am Vinod from Kerala(god's Own Country). I find this article while I searching edible furn. I think you can help me more because I am frequently visit jungle. I think to stop carrying food so searching for alternatives. so help me.