Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Mouthful of Colors!

Impatiens Balsamina aka Rose Balsam aka Dopati aka Gauri Shankar.

Red, purple, white, pink, mauve and orange - they come in all colors, are easy to grow and are a joy to look at.But what most people don't know is that they are also edible. Yes, I am talking about Impatiens Balsamina aka Rose Balsam aka Dopati aka Gauri Shankar.

There are so many ways one can eat a Rose Balsam! My personal favorite is what my mother makes - the 'Kofta'! Make little balls of the petals, dip them in a batter of your choice (chickpea powder or rice powder or corn flour), shallow fry and then cook them in a curry with sliced potatoes. 

The other way is to add the outer petals to your salad. And then you can also dry the seeds of rose balsam, grind them and add a pinch to your tea. But, as I said, nothing beats the kofta curry!

Go ahead, add a dash of colors to your palate today!


  1. wonderful I have become fan of your writing..its so simple still very useful,informative and it :) its just not a review from a friend but accept this as a third point of view. You should keep writing this blog. Sometime its very boring thing to read such information when it comes in very scientific language & terminology, but you made it simple and also photographs are lovely.Also it is very compact and not lengthy thats the additional 'like' factor,personally I dont like reading very lengthy blogs. my best wishes !

  2. Oh thank you! That's a wonderfully encouraging comment. I am aware that the subject is very 'scientific' and serious. But I don't want to sound like a science professor. So, just sharing personal experience of how we use it everyday. If you liked it, I will believe that I am going at the right direction. Thanks again!