Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lily Pop , Anyone?

Water Lily aka 'Bhet phool' aka  'Shapla'
Almost every family in the north east India owns a pond. And gracing almost every pond is a family of Water Lilies. White, red and purple, the Lilies are called 'Bhet phool' or 'Shapla'(which is also the national flower of Bangladesh) and are a great attraction among local kids. The reason? The pop seeds of the Lilies, or, as we kids called them 'Lily Pops.' 

Its very easy to make Lily pops. The seeds in the Lily pod look very much like mustard seeds. Dry them in the sun and fry them later in a vessel until they pop. Don't forget to put the lid on. Lightweight and munchy, they are quite a delight! And the fact that its a free treat adds to the fun :)

The stalks of the Lily is also edible. Peel off the outer fiber and cook the inner, softer, fleshy part like you would cook a zucchini or a ridge gourd (tori/turai). You can cook them as a separate dish or as an add on. The taste is unforgettable!

So, go ahead, give yourself a free gift - a bowl of Lily pops! 

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